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1 Feb 2020

Wedding Cakes

Are you getting married this summer?

If you are getting married this summer or know someone who is and are planning on making a cake then please check out the two celebration cake recipes in Paul's book ‘A Baker’s Life’.

First there is the ‘Classic Iced Celebration Cake’ featuring marzipan and royal icing. This simple, elegant cake is ideal for a wedding and can be made several days in advance.

The second is the ‘Nude Meringue Finish Celebration Cake’. Currently nude cakes are in vogue, with these cakes you see the sponge through the icing and the finish isn’t as precise as iced cakes. For this cake you will need a blow-torch to finish the meringue icing and it looks beautiful decorated with fresh flowers.

We would love to see your wedding bakes, please share any pictures on social media and tag us with #hollywoodbakes

Happy baking!

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