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Paul simply loves giving advice to help you perform better in the kitchen.
Annie from London asks:

Hi Paul, I am on my school holidays and am planning to do lots of baking. One of my favourite recipes is your banana and chocolate bread, it’s the best banana bread recipe I have tried. I want to bake a loaf to take to my family next week and wondered if it can be frozen. Thanks Annie 

Paul says:

Hi Annie, I am so glad you like the recipe and are enjoying baking during your holidays. Yes my recipe can easily be frozen. Simply bake as the recipe says and then once baked and cooled completely, simply wrap it in baking paper and a food bag and pop in the freezer. Enjoy & Happy Baking!

Nancy from Canada asks:

 Hi Paul, I have tried twice to make sourdough and the basic bread recipe from your book. Everything works fine until the final rise where they become a wet sloppy mess that spreads! What am I doing wrong? Thanks Nancy 

Paul says:

Hi Nancy, Sorry that you have been struggling with bread making. I would suggest that you reduce the amount of water you add by 10%.  I have found that different brands of flour absorb different amounts of water so by reducing it at the final prove it should be more stable. Best of luck & Happy Baking!

Carol asks:

Hi Paul, my friend and I made a sourdough loaf today using your recipe. It tasted delicious and had a really good crust, but it was a bit dense. Can you please give us some tips on how to make it a bit more open in texture? Would greatly appreciate your advice.  Thanks Carol 

Paul says:

Hi Carol, I am so glad you that you tried the recipe and that you enjoyed the taste. To get a more open structure you need a wetter dough. Although this is harder to work with you will find that the structure will be more to your liking. Give it a go and fingers crossed you will see a difference. Happy Baking!

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Your Questions

Paul simply loves giving advice to help you perform better in the kitchen.

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